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Scuba Diving

Dive around the spots we’ve hunted for around the Zambales province. Absolutely amazing visibility perfect even for snorkeling!


When it comes to surfing, the Philippines is one of the best areas to do it. Many say our location is a little known secret that they don’t want to get out.


Maybe you’re just looking to hide out for a few days and relax on the beach. We have plenty of beach side areas to relax on.

About Mope Beach Resort

Here at Mope Beach Resort in Zambales, we offer you beautiful accommodations to go along with our pristine beaches.

Not only will you have a cozy room to go back to at night, but you will also have access to dining and drinks right along the beach!

There are plenty of fun activities both at our resort and around the surrounding area here in San Narciso Zambales Philippines, a 3.5 hour drive from Manila. There’s truly something for everyone.

We’re a professionally run resort on Zambales and we’re here to serve your needs. Your stay is going to be exciting, relaxing, and refreshing.

If you’re ready for a vacation that will help you relax or get energized, then you want to check out Mope Beach Resort!

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Surfing in the Philippines

Surfing in Zambales? We’re sure you’ve heard about the wonderful waves of Liw-liwa and Pundakit Magic Left! But as those surf spots have become crowded the past few years and surfers have started to put up with party waves, people have started wondering about the spacious La Paz beach in between the two towns.

Now, don’t get me wrong, people know about us- we are the Skimboarding Capital of the Philippines! People are often amazed by our incredible shorebreak. What people don’t know are the strong channels we have that easily propel you towards the line-up for the best surf in Zambales during Sout Swell! All the people that learn to surf at Crystal Beach have yet to discover the beautiful P5 spot (and about 5 more spots along the beach). With its roaring clean waves and one-of-a-kind stoke, longboarders, shortboarders, and skimboarders alike love it here!

We are the most consistent surf spot in Zambales for South Swell. No waves in Pundakit? Head to P5. Close out waves in Liwliwa? Head to P5. No crowds, plenty of stoke!

Watch this Surfing Video…

We now offer free scheduled rides to different surf spots in Zambales Philippines when the waves out front are not worthy enough- this is our guarantee! So long as there is a swell and decent wind, we promise you won’t leave without a full surfer’s heart!

Explore Philippines Surfing Sites With Mope

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