About Us

Welcome to the best beach resort in Zambales, Mope Beach Resort!

We are a family owned Beach Resortin San Narciso located in the La Paz baringay.

The Best Beach Resort in Zambales

We have accommodations, restaurant and sports bar with direct access to the beach where there are a lot of activities our customers can enjoy.

Best Beach Resort in ZambalesWhen you come stay with us, not only will you have a cozy “Kubo” or Aircon to go back to at night, but you will also have access to ocean view dining and drinks steps from the beach!

We will work to make your stay with us exciting, relaxing, and refreshing.

Just look at the other amenities and accommodations we offer.

Accommodation in Zambales

Mope Beach Resort is one of the affordable beach resort in Zambales, with accommodations that are fairly priced and still a nice place to stay. If you’re on a budget, we offer the Standard “Kubo”. The Kubo accommodates three comfortably with fresh towels and comes with two double-sized beds.

The next best option is the Standard Aircon “Kubo”. This room comes with one queen-sized bed and accommodates two people. It comes with many more amenities, such as air-conditioning, a bathroom, television and towels. If you’re looking for an option for a romantic getaway, this is a nice one!

If you’re not interested in either of these, you could always go all out and rent the Deluxe Aircon “Kubo”. This room has a king-sized bed, air conditioning, private bathroom, towels and a television.

We provide a Junior “Kubo” Fan and a public restroom for those who are looking for two-person accommodation. In this room you will have two single beds. The Junior “Kubo” Fan comes with fresh towels and Wi-Fi.


Ocean View Dining in Zambales

Look no further for authentic cuisine when you stay at resort in Zambales. At Mope Beach Resort, we offer you a unique dining experience either indoors or outdoors.

Our dining area and bar are right on the beach, and are equipped with delicious meals, pay per view for sports fans, and drinks for those who are looking to relax after a long day of diving or surfing. You’ll find no better food than right here when you stay at any resort in Zambales.

When you come to the dining area, ask about our special package for couples who are looking for a romantic evening on the beach.

We have a specific area where you can sit and either watch the sunset while you eat dinner, or enjoy a few glasses of your choice of drink as you look up at the stars on the beach.

In addition, we host a bonfire on the beach where you can spend a romantic evening with your date, or you can spend it with friends as you listen to the waves gently rolling up the beach. Our bar is one of the best hangout spots for a Zambales resort.

Sports Bar

If you’re a sports fan, then you’ll want to come hang out at our local bar on the beach to watch the latest games from PPV and Setanta Live! We offer drinks, food, and an upbeat atmosphere. Our bar is one of the most frequented in the area! That’s what makes us one of the greatest destinations when it comes to the best beach resort in Zambales.

The Best Surf Spots in the Philippines

Zambales has the best surf spots in the Philippines with several miles of coast line to choose from. During the surfing season we have some of the best Philippines surf spots to choose from. We can also arrange surfing lessons from Quicksilver freelance surf instructors. You will find that you can walk right outside the resort to a great Philippines surf spot and not have to travel any further. If you live in Manila, then we’re an excellent choice for a a close surf spots near Manila for a weekend getaway in Zambales.

Things to Do in Zambales

There are many different things to do here in Zambales, several of which you can do here at Mope Beach Resort or let us help you get organized with the right activity and provider of your choice. You can take a surfing lesson if you’re a novice, or you can learn how to surf from an experienced instructor at a low cost. There’s also snorkeling, scuba diving, and canoeing for the entire family to enjoy!

In addition to water activities, there are also local hiking trails for the land inclined, jungle treks with waterfalls and also beach hopping tours.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re ready for a vacation that will help you relax or get energized, the come see us at the best beach resort in Zambales, Mope Beach Resort!

We’re a professionally run resort on Zambales and we’re here to serve your needs.