Activities in Zambales

(some of these depend on the weather)

Rates and Inclusions

Scuba Diving:

  • P1,400 for licensed and experienced divers.
  • P1,200 introductory dive.
  • All-inclusive.
  • Weather Required: No waves/Flat Season (March-May)


  • P1500 (10pax)
  • Includes transpo, carabao ride, entrance fee
  • Conditions Required: Recent rainfall, if no rain, there is no waterfall, just rock pool

Surfing Lessons:

  • P400 per head, per hour session
  • Price varies depending on season & location of waves
  • P200 board rental, P200 surf instructor
  • Weather Required: North or South Swell/Surf Season (June-February)

Surfboard Rental:

  • P200 per hour
  • P500 half day
  • P800 whole day

Beach Bar Crawl:

  • P500 per head

ATV Adventures:

  • P1,300 per head per hour (with guide)

Mt. Pinatubo Hike:

  • 2 pax: P4,000 per head
  • 3 pax: P2,950 per head
  • 4 pax: P2,375 per head
  • 5 pax: P2,150 per head
  • Includes 4x4 ride, 2.5 hr hike, tour guide
  • Hike and explore the infamous Mt. Pinatubo Volcano.

Dirt Bike Rental:

  • P1,000 12 hours
  • P1,500 24 hours
  • P2,000 48 hours
  • (not inclusive of gas)
  • There are some dirt bike roads to the sunken village and Mt. Pinatubo.

Yacht Cruise:

Affordable Sunset Cruises & Yacht Charter Coming Soon!

Island Hopping in Zambales

Menu A:

Best for groups of 10 persons, does not include a tour guide, boatman only.

Menu B:

Includes Tour guide