Skim Boarding

Skim Boarding in Zambales

Ever go Skim Boarding in Zambales?

If you don’t surf…you skim board. That’s what we say to those who come to the beach and decide surfing or body boarding isn’t for them.

Surfers enjoy skim boarding waves as an alternative to going out surfing or if there are no descent swells coming in.

2 Ways To Skim Board

You can Skim Board 2 different ways.

  • Sand Skimming
  • Wave Skimming

Both have their perks and you’ll have to see which one is best for you first. Here some more details on what each one is. That way you have an idea what they are before you come skim boarding in Zambales.

Sand Skimming

The first way is called sand skimming. This is where you run along the beach and when the tide comes up and starts to receed you drop your board on and just skim along the shallow water close to the sand.

The great thing about sand skimming is you can pretty much do it anywhere you have a sandy coastline and of course enough shallow space along the coast to skim on.

This is a good place to start for novices as they get a chance to start learning how to properly hold and drop the board and then jump onto it.

Wave Skimming

Wave skimming is a bit more advanced in that you are going away from the coast into a wave. You need to properly position yourself sideways to maintain your speed as you approach the wave and because you’re in deeper water.

Once you come to the wave you’ll want to lean back and to the side and turn into the wave to change directions to back towards to the coast. That’s it!

Skim Boarding in Zambales at Mope Beach Resort

Here at Mope Beach Resort we have skim boards you can rent if you don’t bring your own. They’re cheap to rent (100PHP/hr) and that means you won’t have to travel with one.

We’ll even give you newbies a few tips to help get you started. Trust us, once you start you won’t want to stop. Fun can be addicting. :0)

Type of Activity

Water Activity

Good For Groups?


Best Time of Year

All Year

Equipment Provided

Skim Boards Available

Starting Costs

Skim Boards – 100PHP/hour

Location of Activity

In Front of Mope Beach Resort and Other Locations

Activity Provider

Mope Beach Resort

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If you’re ready to plan and book your next holiday at an affordable resort and come Skim Boarding in Zambales? There are plenty of relaxing activities as well as active things to do (like skim boarding). We invite you to come stay with us. Click below to get started planning your holiday and book a room with us today.