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Scuba Diving in Zambales Philippines

We’re guessing you’ve actually never thought about scuba diving in Zambales Philippines but we’re here to let you in on a little secret, there are a lot of dive spots here in Zambales.

And nobody is talking about them and no one is searching for them online.


Hardly anyone is scuba diving in Zambales so the area is just starting to get noticed as a good location to dive in the Philippines and Mope Beach Resort is here to make sure you can have your chance.

Mope Scuba Diving would like to be your guide to bring you and your diving friends out to Zambales to dive and enjoy all the activities we have to offer.

We have dove several locations in the surrounding area and have found several dive sites that we’re taking our customers to as well as many more on the way once we’ve totally vetted the site.

Dive Sites in Zambales Philippines

There are obviously several dive spots in the Philippines that are very popular. These can be overrun by a mass influx of tourists and dive operators trying to bring as many people to these sites as possible.

That’s where for now the dive sites in Zambales Philippines have an advantage since there are so few people coming here to dive.

Some of our favorite sites are:

  • Nagsasa Bay South Reef
  • South East Wall of Tabones Island
  • West Wall of Tabones Islands
  • Anawangin Cove
  • South Reef of Camara
  • North Wall of Camara
  • South Bay of Capones
  • East Wall of Capones
  • North West Wall of Capones
  • The Lapaz Wreck
  • North Canyons of Lapaz Reef
  • South West Wall of Lapaz Reef

The above list of dive spots in Zambales province are our favorites so far. This place has absolutely amazing visibility for diving and even perfect for snorkeling!

For more information, check out this page on Zambales dive sites.

Starting Rates per dive:

  • 1,800PHP+ / Person (licensed- La Paz Reef)
  • 2,000PHP / Person (beginner trial just on the beach)

For other scuba spots our prices are:

  • La Paz Reef: 1800PHP per person
  • La Paz Wreck: (Tech Divers Only) 2,200PHP per person
  • Capones: 5,500PHP 1pax (only 1,500PHP per extra person, 6 pax max per boat)
  • Camara: 5,500PHP 1 pax (only P1,500PHP per extra person, 6 pax max per boat)
  • Nagsasa: 8,000PHP 1 pax (only P1,500PHP per extra person, 6 pax max per boat)
  • Anawangin: 6,000PHP 1 pax (only P1,500PHP per extra person, 6 pax max per boat)
  • Tabones: 8,500PHP 1 pax (only P1,500PHP per extra person, 6 pax max per boat)
We will be adding packages, training, and certifications to our diving offerings soon. If you have any special requests for the type of diving and training please do send us a note and let us know so we can best serve your interests.

Type of Activity

Water Activity

Good For Groups?


Best Time of Year

October – July

Equipment Provided

Tank and gear can be provided

Starting Costs

1800PHP+ / Person

Location of Activity

Several Locations Available

All are max 45 minutes from Mope Beach Resort

Activity Provider

Mope Scuba Diving

Are You Ready for a Diving Holiday in the Philippines?

If you’re ready to come Scuba Diving in Zambales Philippines? Mope Scuba Diving is ready to take you on your next underwater adventure. You can stay at our beach front resort in Zambales and dive all day and enjoy a nice dinner with sunset to wind down your day.