Dive Sites in Zambales Philippines

You will find there is more then enough dive sites in Zambales Philippines for 1 holiday and we’ll be adding more over the next year as we explore some other dive sites in this area.

Dive Sites in Zambales Philippines

Below are the best dive sites in Zambales that Mope Scuba Diving takes our clients to for their diving holiday here in the Philippines.

Lapaz Reef South West Wall

These are 8m to 45m deep. Crevasse, caves and great fish life. Potential 5ft grouper siting. Batfish and schools of juvenile snapper and sweetlip as well as Octopus have been sighted here.

Lapaz Reef North Canyons

These are 15m to 45m deep. Coral trout and potential hump head wrasse. Regular turtle sightings this section. Pelagic fish schools of trevally.

Lapaz Wreck

Approx 260ft long 38m to 52m deep. Sitting upright. Coral trout and fan corals. Approx 75 years in the water. Looks like a freighter. No information found on this wreck at this stage. Tech Dive.

Capones North West Wall

This location is 6m to 42m deep. Potential dogfish tuna and turtle siting. Great small reef fish and nice over hang wall. Relaxing steady drift on the right flood current. Awesome visability.

Capones East Wall

This dive site is 3m to 35m deep. Giant clams and awesome soft corals. Great drift in the peak of a flood. Easy dive with awesome viability.

Capones South Bay

3m to 20m deep. Great soft corals and smaller reef fish. Canyons and coral bombies. Great relaxing dice plenty to look at. Awesome vis. The bay is pristine. With rocky access to the lighthouse built by Spanish in 1886.

Camara North Wall

4m to 40m deep. Great drift around into the sandy bottom east bay. Good soft corals and smaller reef fish. Potential turtle siting. Visibility amazing.

Camara South Reef

3m to 35m deep. Great boulders with easy swim through in the shallows. Canyons running south to deeper water with fine soft corals and plate corals. Smaller reef fish. Visibility awesome.

Anawangin Cove

This stepped wall is 5m to 35m deep. Large rock formation with good soft corals with awesome viability. Anawangin cove speaks for itself as you will see when you dive there.

Tabones Islands West Wall

5m to 50m jutted rock face with sloping bottom. Great soft corals. Multiple ordinance can be found on this face of the island. Great visibility.

Tabones island South East Wall

4m to 65m. Great overhangs and the visibility is incredible at the top of the flood. Potential pelagic fish. Awesome dive for the visibility alone.

Nagsasa Bay South Reef

3m to 35m. Great stepped reef with rock formations and nice fish life. Pristine soft corals.

Are You Ready for a Diving Holiday in the Philippines?

If you’re ready to come Scuba Diving in Zambales Philippines? Mope Scuba Diving is ready to take you on your next underwater adventure. You can stay at our beach front resort in Zambales and dive all day and enjoy a nice dinner with sunset to wind down your day.