Best Surf Spots in the Philippines

When it comes to surfing, the Philippines is one of the best areas to do it. However, there are some things you need to take into consideration and remember when you’re surfing.

Specific Surf Gear

It’s important to get the proper gear for your surfing to be safe. The main barrier to people progressing in their surfing skills is having an unsuitable board. Improve rapidly by making the right choice or allowing a professional to help you make the right choice. In addition, learn about all the other pieces of equipment that come with your surfboard, such as the wax, fins, and leash.
Beginner’s Lessons
If you’ve never surfed before, then you want to consider taking some beginner’s lessons in order to learn safety and etiquette while surfing. Your lessons will include how to paddle, duck dive, catch a wave, position, and more.

Surfing Etiquette

Learn about surfing etiquette. This is a set of rules that should be observed as you’re surfing. Be sure your trainer tells you how not to drop in, not to snake, and the proper way to surf a wave.

Physical Strength When Surfing

Consider how strong of a swimmer you are before you take surfing lessons or try to surf. Paddling around the ocean is not the place you want to be if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to swim well. Never paddle out further than you can comfortably swim back in.

As with any sport, there is a risk factor involved, and the ocean can be more unpredictable than a football field or a tennis court. Even if you’re a competent surfer, you shouldn’t paddle out further than you know you can swim in on your own.

Good surfers make carving, paddling, and wave riding look like it’s the easiest thing in the world, but the reality is that there’s a lot of physical work needed to paddle around, get up on the board, and do the maneuvers.

Surfing Safety

You should never be out surfing alone. Safety should be on your mind at all times. You never know what could go wrong, even with a small wave, and it’s a good idea to have someone who is able to help you out if you get into a situation.

You should never go surfing after you’ve eaten a meal. Wait half an hour after eating to go out and surf. If you’re surfing first thing in the morning, you should wait until after breakfast to go surfing.
If you end up getting caught in a riptide, be sure you swim across rather than trying to swim against it. You won’t be able to swim against a riptide, but you can get out of one if you swim across.

Surfing is a fun activity as long as you play it safe and understand the rules. When surfing in the Philippines as a new surfer, you always want to have a guide there to help you through the process. They will teach you all you need to know about surfing.

Philippines Surf Seasons

In Zambales, the Philippine surf seasons are:
North Swell: October-February
Southswell: June-September
Flat season/ Summer: March-May

North swell is favored by “natural” or “regular” footers whose front leg is the left. Southswell is favored by more “goofy” footers whose front leg is the right.

Why it’s important to know the swells and surf spot waves/breaks: Surfers, when riding a wave, prefer to be facing the wave face, especially when it comes to barreling waves.

Surf Camp Philippines

The freelance Quicksilver Philippines surf instructors are on call to provide you with a surf campe. Price: php400 per hour (php200 instructors fee, php200 board rental)

Mope beach offers rentals from long to short boards depending on your style and level.
The variety of surf spots allow for waves that are beginner friendly and also fit for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Popular Philippines Surf Spots in Our Area


  • Break: beachbreak
  • Season: southswell
  • Location: La Paz, San Narciso
  • L/R: Left


  • Break: beachbreak
  • Season: southswell
  • Location: la Paz, San Narciso
  • L/R: left and right


  • Break: beachbreak
  • Season: north swell and southswell
  • Location: la paz, San Narciso
  • L/R: left and right


  • Break: beachbreak
  • Season: north swell and southswell
  • Location: la Paz, San Narciso
  • L/R: left and right

Magic Left

  • Break: pointbreak and reefbreak
  • Season: southswell
  • Location: pundakit, San Antonio
  • L/R: left


  • Break: beachbreak
  • Season: north swell and southswell
  • Location: San Narciso- San Felipe
  • L/R: left and right


  • Break: reefbreak
  • Season: north swell
  • Location: Camara island off the San Antonio coast
  • L/R: right


  • Break: reefbreak
  • Season: southswell
  • Location: island off the coast of San antonio
  • L/R: left


  • Break: point break
  • Season: north swell
  • Location: cabangan
  • L/R: right


  • Break: beachbreak
  • Season: north swell
  • Location: San Felipe
  • L/R: left and right

Philippines Surf Forecast

Check the local Philippines surf forecast HERE

Type of Activity

Water Activity

Good For Groups?


Best Time of Year

July – February

Equipment Provided

Surf Boards, Boogie Board, Training

Starting Costs

Board – 200PHP+/hour

Instructor – 200PHP/hour

Board Rental Half Day – 500PHP

Board Rental Whole Day – 800PHP

Location of Activity

In Front of Mope Beach Resort and Other Locations

Activity Provider

Mope Beach Resort & Quicksilver

Ready to Come to One of the Best Surf Spots in the Philippines?

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