Snorkeling in Zambales

Are you looking to go snorkeling in Zambales on your next holiday to the beach?

There are plenty of places to go snorkeling in Zambales. There is excellent marine life and clear visibility in a lot of areas out here off the coast of Zambales.

You will find out here in San Narciso, there are much less tourists compared to other places that are very popular not only for Filippinos but for the international market too. We’re just now starting to become recognized as a great place to go for diving and snorkeling among many other activities. We’ve always been known as a great surf spot in the Philippines.

Snorkeling in Zambales Wtih Mope Beach Resort

When snorkeling with Mope Beach Resort, we’ll go to the best snorkeling spots in Zambales that we know have an abundance of marine life for you to enjoy. We have the necessary equipment if you don’t bring your own that you can rent out very inexpensively for the day.

Type of Activity

Water Activity

Good For Groups?


Best Time of Year

October – July

Equipment Provided

Goggles / Snorkel / Fins

Starting Costs


Location of Activity

Max 45 minutes from Mope Beach Resort

Activity Provider

Mope Beach Resort

Are You Ready for a Snorkeling Holiday in Zambales Philippines?

If you’re ready to come Snorkeling in Zambales Philippines, Mope Scuba Diving is ready to take you on your next underwater adventure. You can stay at our beach front resort in Zambales and snorkel all day. Then you can finish the day with a nice dinner with sunset to wind down your day.